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Writing Appalachia Contest

Mountaineer Week. Speak Write. Writing Appalachia Contest. Deadline. October 8. presented by University Apartments
Ask a question. Tell a story. Solve a problem. Raise awareness. Research. Explore. Connect.
We want to celebrate how you are helping tell Appalachia’s story.

The Writing Appalachia contest invites brief scholarly essays, short creative works, editorials, how-to manuals, engaging research reports, science blogs, or any other written text that focuses on Appalachia in some way. This contest is open to current WVU undergraduate students. 

SpeakWrite is especially interested in submissions that speak to your sense of purpose as a Mountaineer.  WVU’s new Purpose Center explains: Just as your favorite food or music genre may change over time or with new experiences, so will your dreams and aspirations. Discovering who you are, your values and the strengths you lean on will guide you on your path of self-discovery. Understanding your purpose is a journey ...

Read the contest prompt here.
Submit your entry here, using your WVU MIX email address.

1st Place = $100
2nd Place = $75
3rd Place = $50

Submission Deadline: Oct. 8, 2023

Presented by
University Apartments