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Jo Ann Dadisman

West Virginian Storyteller

JoAnn Dadisman is a retired West Virginia educator and active storyteller. As an educator, she realizes stories are one of the ways we learn, make connections with the past, and see the similarities we all share. While tales of the Appalachian Region are her favorites, she also shares other cultural stories from around the world. Those types of stories work well for schools, libraries, parks, civic group activities, family functions, and just about any spot where folks gather. She enjoys performing folktales, myths and legends, holiday stories, historical tales of the Civil War and coal mining history, and many others. All of her programs include a bit of song, interactions with the audience, and use of a props to enhance the experience. According to the audience, she includes activities that helps recall the story so that it can be shared with others. JoAnn also offers writing and storytelling workshops built around specific themes to fit any event.

Jo Ann will be accompanied by Graham Sterling on fiddle.