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Quilt Show

Blue, gold and white quilt
multicolored quilt with hexagonal pattern

Nov. 11 - 13, 2022 | E. Moore Hall | FREE Admission

Friday - 11am to 8pm | Saturday - 11am to 8pm | Sunday - 11am to 4pm

The Appalachian version of quilting mixed Scottish, Irish and German folk traditions with local Native American, 
Amish and Quaker influences. Quilting patterns from these cultures tend to be geometric and 
often express family history or local events.

The 2022 Mountaineer Week Quilt Show will display a number of quilts 
courtesy of the Country Roads Quilt Guild .

This year's show will also include a patriotic (red/white/blue) display
of quilts in honor of Veteran's Day.
Quilt done in fall colors depicting various patterns
Quilts hanging from white poles in Elizabeth Moore Hall
In the foreground: two quilts laid out for display on a piano. In the background: a man plays dulcimer.