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Committee Information

2018 Mountaineer Week Committee Application Available 

Please apply online:

2018 Mountaineer Week Committee Descriptions

(*denotes number of students requested for this committee)
  • Co-Vice Chairs: (*2 Students) These students will work with programming, oversee a committee, and help maintain a public image. He/she will also be responsible for fulfilling the duties of the co-chairs if they have previous obligations.
  • Beard Growing Shaving and Final Competitions:  (*2-3 Students) This committee requires planning for the Annual Mountaineer Week Beard Growing Competition.  The students will be required to recruit male students to enter this competition, identify volunteers to assist with the shaving segment, and identify WVU female faculty/staff judges.
  • Craft Fair:  (*4-5 Students) This committee requires planning for a three-day Arts and Craft Fair.  The Mountaineer Week Craft Fair is an integral part of our Mountaineer Week celebration.  Students on this committee should possess good organizational, interpersonal and leadership skills.    
  • Family Fun Day:  (*3-4 Students) This committee requires planning for an event geared towards the entire family.  The student(s) will be required to work with representatives from the Monongalia County School Board of Education to plan competitions for our County students and bring them to WVU for Mountaineer Week
  • Health and Wellness: (*1-2 Students) This committee will be charged with planning the WVU Health Expo, and other health and wellness related events. Students will work with WVU Hospitals, the WVU School of Physical Education, and the Student Recreation Center. This includes the Mountaineer Week Blood Drive and WVU Safe Communities. 
  •  Marketing and Media: (*5-6 Students) This committee will oversee the marketing plan for Mountaineer Week, including social media, posters, flyers, banners, and other advertising media. This committee will do all videography and photography for Mountaineer Week. The students will need to draft press releases for various events and submit them to WVU News Services, TV stations, radio stations, etc. for release and promotion. Experience with graphic design, writing, and social media marketing is preferred.
  • Most Loyals Committee:  (*1 Student)  The student chairing this committee will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of identifying the Mountaineer Week Most Loyal Alumni, Most Loyal Mountaineer, and Most Loyal Faculty, and Most Loyal Staff.  The coordination for this event is done at the West Virginia University Foundation.
  • Mountaineer Idol: (2 students) The students working with Mountaineer Idol will assist the Mountaineer Idol Intern and Adviser in all aspects of the show.  Duties will include but not be limited to the following:  working as the liaison between the Idol contestants and administrative staff, recording videos of contestants, working with technicians, helping publicize each round of Mountaineer Idol and writing the script for our hosts.
  • Mountaineer Week Challenge:  (*3-5 Students)  The students on this committee will be charged with the responsibility for planning for the week-long Mountaineer Week games (including Greek, Residence Hall, Adventure West Virginia, and possibly other points for participation).  The students will be required to develop an outline of all events, work with Student Organization Services, Residential Education, Adventure West Virginia, etc., to determine the various winners.  It is highly suggested that one student be in the Greek system.
  • Mountaineer Week Reception:  (*1-2 Student) This committee is responsible for planning a reception to honor the Mountaineer Week Student Committee.  The chairperson will be responsible for drafting an invitation to the event, identifying WVU Foundation, WVU Alumni, and WVU Administrators to invite to this event.  The student will work with the Mountaineer Week Advisors to plan and order the menu items for this reception.
  • Mr. & Ms. Mountaineer:  (*2-3 Students) This committee requires planning for the prestigious awarding of the Mr. and Ms. Mountaineer honors.  The students on this committee should possess good communication, time management, and interpersonal skills.  These students work closely with the President’s Office and Institutional Advancement.
  • Appalachian Music:  (* 1-2 Students)  This committee requires planning for the following events:  Mountaineer Week Fiddler’s Contest, the Percival Pickers (Appalachian musical group) to play for the Country Vittles Dinner Buffet, Clinton Forgery to play during the week-day lunch time,  fiddler’s to play for various events, and other Appalachian music for various events throughout the week.  It would be helpful if this student had experience or an interest in music.
  • Photo Contest:  (*2-3 Student) This committee requires planning for the Mountaineer Week Photo Contest.  The student will be required to coordinate all aspects of this event, including working with all WVU Photography Class instructors, local professional photographers, and the WVU Alumni Association to get the winning photo published in the Alumni Magazine.
  • Quilt Show:  (*2-3 Students) This committee requires planning for a three-day Quilt Show.  The students assigned to this committee will work in conjunction with the Country Roads Quilt Guild, the sponsor of this event.  It would be helpful if a student on this committee had a contact for volunteers for the Quilt Show (e.g., a Fraternity/Sorority, a social service organization, etc.).
  • Appalachian Food: (1-2 Students) This committee will be charged with planning the Appalachian Food events for Mountaineer Week. Students will help with planning "Taste of Mountaineer Spirit" (Food Truck Friday) and create/execute other festive ideas relating to food options.